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New Blog - Something New!

So this is our new blog.  We've set it up so that we can quickly publish details of what we are doing when we are out and about.

We have had a lot of Parents asking about uniform, badges and where it all goes, so we'll have a blog for that, and a link for the uniform ordering, size guides etc.

If you think that there is anything else you think would be of interest please let us know on Facebook, email, text, WhatsApp


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First night for some.... more to add to a tally for others

So what an eventful evening that was. We have camped in the sun, camped in snow and wind... but boy have we never camped in this much rain!  We’ve had a couple of leaky tents, which we have managed to save the kit, they are back on doors. I think we may have to apply for some grants to get some new tents.. The cubs have been around (walked not swam!) Phoenix park. We’ve put a couple of insect catchers up, we’ve seen a lot of toads walking (do they walk or toad around?) about so we have been very careful not to stand on them.  So hopefully we can pick them up tomorrow when we are geocaching in Phoenix park. The beavers have had a crafty evening making some fantastic spiders, painted some great pumpkins, and designed some very scary monsters. The night was finished with a film(not addams family as previously advised...technical difficulties) so we had a good laugh at Shrek. Washed the film with hot choc and marshmallows. Hold the front page you say. No s’mores!  Nope not tonight, i